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In 1993, I established the Law Office of Edmund Montgomery in San Bernardino, California with one mission in mind: to provide exemplary legal services to members of the community who are dealing with a family law issue. I realize that nothing is more important to you than your family, and I will work diligently to protect your familial relationships and your rights so that you can move forward with your life.

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I focus my practice primarily on family law, helping clients with related legal issues such as:

  • Divorce and legal separation — I can guide you through obtaining a divorce from your spouse or, if you wish to live apart without dissolving the marriage, I’m experienced with representing clients who are seeking a legal separation. I can advocate for you during the division of community property and work with you to secure a favorable settlement agreement.
  • Alimony and child support — As your attorney, I will use my in-depth knowledge of California’s child support guidelines to fight for a fair award. Additionally, I can help you if you are seeking alimony payments from your spouse in order to help you maintain your standard of living. To help with this, I will also aid you in establishing paternity.
  • Child custody— I understand how important it is to maintain a relationship with your child amidst a divorce, which is why I will advocate for a child custody arrangement that works for you and is in the best interests of your child.
  • Domestic violence – I frequently assist clients with obtaining domestic violence orders so that they can enjoy a peaceful environment. For those who are looking to push back against such an order, I also provide defense against domestic violence restraining orders.

For those looking to overturn a court’s decision or maintain a lower court decision, I am also experienced handling appellate law matters.

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The Law Office of Edmund Montgomery in San Bernardino, California assists clients throughout the area in matters pertaining to family law and appellate law. I can discuss your legal rights and options during a free consultation. Call me at 909-890-1805 or contact me online to get started.